Handicap Parking Lot Striping

We are offering you Handicap Parking lot Striping. Our sole duty is to take care of your visitors so that they have a proper parking lot.

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When We Plan a Handicap Parking Lot We Follow The Following Rules

At Least one handicap parking space should be allocated for every parking lot that must have van-accessible parking. The lot which has less than 500 spaces should have one in every six handicapped parking spaces. We keep van accessible parking to make up 2% of total spaces after 500 and before 1001. We keep 20 van accessible spots after 1001 and even after every 100 spaces 1 spot for handicap is kept

Now Let’s Talk About How Wide Can We Make Your Handicap Parking Space

We see that there consists enough parking space with an adjacent access aisle and we make sure that the access aisle is boxed and painted with diagonal stripes. We keep the parking space Almost 8′ wide and the adjacent access aisle 5′ wide.

If you have a small parking lot area, then you should go and hire out parking lot striping which can include Handicap Parking spaces. As we are reputable and we take utmost care of our clients and are well versed with all the things we need to take care of while Handicap Parking lot Striping.

If you are new and are going for parking lot Striping planning for Handicap then definitely you should check out the parking lot striping services at Veteran because we provide our clients with high-quality work.

Our Handicap Parking lot Striping also includes the Handicap painting services. Veteran Services handles all your handicap painting and parking lot needs which may include asphalt and concrete handicap ramps, Handicap markings and stencils, truncated domes, and handicap signs.

We are also specialized in handicap parking lot ramp installation. As did maybe even physically bad visitors who come to your location so we can provide you with wheelchair ramp accessibility. The people in wheelchairs or someone with trouble climbing stairs or those with canes or crutches can access handicap parking lot ramp installation. The examiner location carefully likes for your school or church or library and then we sell it the right wheelchair handicap brand installation with good durability and maintenance and affordable price structure. We will make sure that you have the necessary space and our professionals will then install the handicap ramp in our efficient way.

You need to trust us and our services. We not only work for money but instead provide you with the best services and ensure that the parking lot striping for the handicapped is safe and secure.

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Veteran Parking Lot Striping will provide you with a clean, comfortable organized, and easily accessible parking lot structure.

Depending on your lot, there are things we need to take care of and are equally important i.e Handicap Parking. We will carefully plan everything about your parking lot i.e the number of required handicap parking spaces that are to be left and the total spaces and also the parking lot’s layout.


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