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We provide striping services for your parking lot. If you want your property to look more organised and professional, parking lot striping is the way to go. We stripe both commercial and residential parking spaces for the properties in Houston, Texas. Our simple and straightforward striping services are done professionally making sure there are no mistakes.

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Get Professional Parking Lots & Playground Striping Done In Houston

Striping is not only needed in parking lots but other places as well. Places such as playground, warehouses, construction sites, curb, road, etc. Our professionals have the experience and the needed equipment to make perfect looking markings. One mistake in the marking could completely ruin the area and make the place look dirty. You don;t want tilted lines, messy marking, paint everywhere when you hire someone to mark your parking lot or playground. Striping your parking lot or playground can make a real difference in the appearance of the area. It makes it easy for people to know where everything will be. People could avoid confusion when they know where to park. Anyone visiting your commercial or residential property is bound to look at your parking lot first. If the marking is not in place, it makes your business look shabby. Since first impressions are the most important, you should always work towards keeping your properties’ appearance attractive. We will sprite your parking lot to make it safer for everyone, keep things organised and avoid confusion. With proper marking you can keep the parking lot traffic flowing smoothly without any blockages.

There Are A Lot Of Benefits Of Getting Your Parking Lot Stripped And Some Of Them Are:


Having clear and dark parking lot stripes ensures that the drivers don’t end up parking their cars too close or too far. Sometimes when the line isn’t clear, they end up parking cars very near to each other which leads to bumping of car doors. Sometimes due to uneven or faded lines, drivers park their car in uneven positions and distances leaving a lot of room in between, and thus, parking spaces go to waste. So having a clear design would make it easy to maintain the parking ratio.


If you are an enterprise and people come into work, they will have different types of cars to park. Some people will own a range rover, while some might have a sedan or an SUV. Indicated parking stripes which are measured and drawn by a professional just make it more accessible for people with any kind of car to park.


As a commercial property owner, it would be your responsibility to maintain the parking lots and pavements and to ensure safety there. Uneven parking lines will result in drivers making the wrong assumption and can bump into other cars and cause serious damage. Sometimes the lines indicating a turn or a break can be dangerous if not clear. It is important to get your parking lot striped by a well-reputed company so that it stays longer.


Maintaining parking lots and curbs will just add an appeal to your enterprise or the commercial lot and it would look more organized and maintained than ever before. People would naturally want to come to a place that is sought-out and looks safe.


The American disabilities act has strict requirements for commercial parking lots in the whole country and Houston. This requires every commercial space in the country to have marked parking lots for the handicapped. Thus, it is necessary and the law.


Reliable Company For Custom Striping For Your Property

Veteran Parking Lot Striping is one of the oldest and best known striping companies in the town. Our customers in Houston come to us whenever they need retouching or brand new striping done. We are skilled, our workers can stripe the biggest of parking lots within hours and complete the work on the same day basis. The quality of work is something you will love. These stripes stay in space for years to come. Our goal here at Texas Tow is to give clients a service which is of a consistent high quality. We understand the competitive market and in many ways we are ruling this industry. We are counted among the best striping companies in Houston. We have striped thousands of parking lots, play grounds, roads, sidewalks, commercial driveways, and many such places. We have stripped the parking areas in restaurants, offices, stores, shopping malls, apartment parking lots, etc. We have experience in striping concrete, stone, mason, and asphalt surfaces with ease. Our expertise and past satisfied customers make the first choice in striping services. We are consistently performing better and being on top of our game. If you are looking to stripe a completely new parking lot or simply need retouching to maintain the new look, we can do both. New and fresh looking striping is just as important as having a smooth and undamaged parking lot.

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What We Do?

  • Striping Playgrounds
  • Striping Game Courts such as tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, etc.
  • Striping parking lots
  • Striping warehouses
  • Striping roads
  • Stripe removal and restriping
  • Handicap sign striping
  • Taping for Covid distancing
  • Marking Permit Spaces
  • Marking No Parking Zone

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